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Electric Forklift Truck RX60 2.5-3.5 t

For the really heavy work.





* Extremely high performance and driving dynamics
* Prolonged use on one battery charge
* Large foot space with inclined floor plate and anti-slip covering


Driver’s compartment.
The driver‘s work place in the RX 60.
The large footwell featuring an inclined floor plate and anti-slip lining provides quick and convenient entry and exit and a relaxed leg position when driving. The adjustable steering column with its small steering wheel is ergonomically efficient, requiring minimal steering movements from the driver. The automotive style pedal layout can be replaced by a double pedal arrangement if required. The drive direction switch on the valve lever (hoist and lower) allows the driver to change direction without releasing his grip, thus reducing fatigue, even on long shifts. The fully graphic display is heated to ensure that all essential information, including time, battery charge state, maintenance intervals etc., remains clearly visible under all conditions – even in extreme applications such as cold stores or all-weather indoor/outdoor working. The entire truck is under constant on-board diagnosis. With 5 selectable drive programs the driver can match the driving characteristics of the RX 60 to the application or his personal preferences. Each program can be precisely matched to the application profile in order to achieve optimum economy and load turnaround. The driver‘s compartment of the RX 60 provides generous head room even for tall drivers, with good all-round vision thanks to the large viewing panels in the roof, very slim overhead guard legs and high seating position.


In conjunction with the mechanical parking and service brake, the RX 60 brakes automatically when the drive pedal is released, guaranteeing safe use at all times. The truck will also hold its position on a gradient without the need to depress the footbrake, further enhancing safety. The RX 60’s side battery change can be carried out using a hand pallet truck, low lift pallet truck or forklift truck. This not only gives significant time savings compared to a conventional hoist, but makes the battery changing operation much safer. The risks of operator injury or truck damage are considerably reduced.

The maintenance interval of the RX 60 is 1000 operating hours or 12 months. These intervals save time and maintenance costs – especially with single-shift operation, where 1000 hours roughly corresponds to annual operating hours, enabling the maintenance and UVV safety checks to be carried out at the same time. Fast diagnosis via a notebook computer and easily accessible maintenance components, together with readily available parts, guarantee short service times and maximum uptime.

The driver space of the RX 60:
The large foot room with the slanted floor plate and anti-slip mat allows mounting and leaving the truck quickly and comfortably and permits a relaxed position of the legs of the driver. The adjustable steering column with the small steering wheel allows to position the wheel ergonomically for the driver and requires only small steering movements.
The layout of the foot well as in a passenger car can optionally be replaced by twin pedal controls in order to adapt the RX 60 to the personal driving habits of the driver for maximum turnover of goods. The travel direction selector switch close to the valve lever (lift and lowering) allows fast and comfortable switch of the travel direction without the driver having to change the position of his hands for fatigue-free and concentrated work, also during long shifts. The heated, fully graphical display can show the time, maintenance intervals and charging condition of the battery always clearly visible, also if the truck moves from cold to warm areas during the operation. All systems of the RX 60 are constantly monitored for failures. 5 selectable driving programs allow the driver to adapt the driving characteristics of the truck to changed work situations or to his personal habits at any time. In addition each program can be finely adjusted to the profile of the application to achieve the optimum economy and turnover performance.
The driver’s space of the RX 60 offers a large head room also for tall drivers and a good panoramic view through the large openings in the roof, very slim supports of the over head guard and the high seat position of the driver.
Electrical system

The RX 60 features digital control with two independent CAN bus systems which ensure that the drive train is not affected by minor electrical failures elsewhere on the truck, while the drive control unit has dual microprocessor monitoring to ensure safe operation. A pre-prepared wiring harness means that auxiliary electrical equipment can be fitted quickly and easily.

Depending on application, the Telescopic, HiLo or Triplex construction offer the following:
Telescopic: an inexpensive mast design suitable for many applications, with full visibility through the mast
HiLo: Complements the Telescopic mast due to an additional, central, full free-lift cylinder to allow high stacking under low ceilings e.g. for use in containers of lorries right up to the roof
Triplex: for use where there are low doorways but high lift heights, for utilisation of warehouses right up to the roof. The fork carriage has optimised visibility thanks to its frame construction
Hydraulic system

The RX 60 is equipped with a highly efficient hydraulic system featuring a specially-developed low-noise gear pump. This, combined with a new, energy-saving tilt control valve which reduces the amount of energy required to tilt the mast when unladen, ensures less wear and lower energy consumption. Pump motor speed is demand-controlled and extremely sensitive. Precise response to input from valve levers and steering wheel allows loads to be positioned to the nearest millimetre – providing greater safety in operation while reducing noise and energy consumption. The entire hydraulic system is protected by pressure-relief valves, and the use of a priority valve mounted directly to the pump reduces the number of hoses and connections required, thus reducing the risk of failure and leakage. In summary: safer, cleaner and more economical operation.

Data Sheet

ModelMaximum capacity* (kg)Maximum lift height (mm)Travel speed (km/h)Battery voltage (V)Data Sheet- Download**
RX 60-252.5007.5402080English 
RX 60-25/6002.5007.5402080English 
RX 60-25L2.5007.5402080English 
RX 60-25L/6002.5007.5402080English 
RX 60-303.0007.5402080English 
RX 60-30L3.0007.5402080English 
RX 60-30L/6003.0007.5402080English 
RX 60-353.5007.5402080English 

* Rated capacity at standardised lift height and standardised load centre.
** To examine PDF documents you will require the Acrobat-Reader from Adobe.