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Electric Forklift Truck RX20 1.4-2.0 t

Non-stop action.





* simply side battery change large field of modular concept
* three-phase drive is optimised for maximum energy and minimum noise


A world first: The side battery change
Because of to the simple side battery change – unique for electric trucks over 1.4 tonnes – there are many benefits for our customers. Since a hoist is no longer required, safety is increased and the risk of injury and damage is considerably reduced. At the same time productivity and flexibility increases because the battery change is much faster and not dependent on a hoist system.

The three-phase drive of the RX 20 / RX 60 is optimised for maximum energy and minimum noise. Operating on the front wheels, it provides a consistent, high power output. Its newly-developed control system provides superb driving dynamics – even when operating on uneven floors or gradients.

In addition, thanks to the electrical regenerative braking, the motors feed back up to 15% of the energy into the battery, depending on the application, thus extending the useful life of a battery charge by up to 1.5 hours. This often makes top-up charges, or a battery change unnecessary during a shift.

Maintenance intervals for the RX 20 / RX 60 are 1000 hours or 12 months. The robust controller is of modular construction. The counterweight was designed using heat simulation calculations to allow heat generated by the efficiency-optimised power components to be dissipated without the use of fans or air filters. All electrical components are individually monitored diagnostically to allow the fastest possible fault-finding and thereby reduced repair time and cost. The oil immersed multi-disc brakes are also maintenance-free.

The Construction Kit Principle
Due to the unique construction kit concept, the RX 20 can be built to match the application precisely. This makes many variations possible. According to the demands of the operation in respect of loads, aisle widths, battery capacity and headroom, a virtually bespoke forklift truck can be supplied, providing you with the most efficient handling solution.


Data Sheet

ModelMaximum capacity* (kg)Maximum lift height (mm)Travel speed (km/h)Battery voltage (V)Data Sheet- Download**
RX 20-141.4007.8702048English 
RX 20-151.5007.8702048English 
RX 20-161.6007.8702048English 
RX 20-16P1.6007.8702048English 
RX 20-181.8007.7202048English 
RX 20-18P/h1.8007.7202048English 
RX 20-202.0007.9152048English 
RX 20-20P2.0007.9152048English 
RX 20-20P/h2.0007.9152048English 


* Rated capacity at standardised lift height and standardised load centre.
** To examine PDF documents you will require the Acrobat-Reader from Adobe.