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Diesel and LP Gas forklift truck RC40 1.6 -3.5 t

For the really heavy work.





* Easy operation by combined brake/inching pedal
* Additional comfort for the operator by reduced body vibration values
* Fast and easy access to inspection points of the engine


Convincing concept with impressive details

Fast mover.
The RC 40 is designed to transport goods quickly over medium and long distances including rough roads and yards. Its construction is resilient to effects of the weather and it is therefore perfectly suited for operation in changing weather conditions.

LPG version.
The RC 40 is also available with an LPG engine that can be operated inside warehouses and factories. Here the truck scores with its virtually odourless operation and by not emitting soot particles.

Torque converter.
The RC 40 is equipped with a hydrodynamic power transmission system, also referred to as a torque converter. The drive concept is characterised by high performance and reliability.


Data Sheet

ModelMaximum capacity* (kg)Maximum lift height (mm)Travel speed (km/h)Data Sheet- Download**
RC 40-161.6006.95520.0English 
RC 40-181.8006.95520.0English 
RC 40-202.0006.86520.0English 
RC 40-252.5006.28020.0English 
RC 40-303.0006.43020.0English 
RC 40-353.5006.13020.0English 


* Rated capacity at standardised lift height and standardised load centre.
** To examine PDF documents you will require the Acrobat-Reader from Adobe.